Apart from the environmental benefits that we all gain from recycling and managing our waste, sending material to landfill is expensive and we are charged by the tonne of material we send. The amount of waste that we dispose of is paid for by a percentage of householder’s rates. Under EU legislation we have a legal obligation to recycle a certain percentage of our waste. If we don't  we will receive large fines which will be reflected in your rates.

Each household in Antrim produces over one tonne of waste every year.  There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to manage the amount of waste we produce. Remember the 3 Rs:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle


  • Take carrier bags with you when you go out shopping
  • Choose products with minimal packaging or packaging which can be recycled
  • Register with the Mail Preference Service to stop getting junk mail
  • Prepare a weekly meal planner to stop you buying more food than you need
  • Buy refillable bottles
  • Have your milk delivered in returnable bottles
  • Use real nappies
  • Avoid disposable items like razors


  • Take your unwanted, good quality furniture,household bric-a-brac and paint to our Household Recycling Centres to be reused by East Belfast Mission for refurbishment and/or reuse through their Re-Store shops. Alternatively you can contact our Customer Service team T. 028 9446 3113 to arrange a Bulky Collection for furniture.
  • Repair electrical appliances rather than buying new ones
  • Send unwanted clothes to Charity shops.  If the items are well worn and couldn't be sold, cut them into dusters and cleaning clothes
  • Use a charger and rechargeable batteries


Use your food caddies, blue bin and brown bins to recycle any items which can't be reused. 

If you would like further information on recycling and assisted bin lifts or to order a home composter or bin, contact the Customer Service team T. 028 9446 3113.

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